WITgrip & The Patent
Our Patent

We have developed and hold the patent for WITgrip, allowing for devices to be worn on the side of the wrist. Devices as big as a mobile phone can now be used on the wrist.

The Possibilities

The possibilities of truly wearable interactive technology, the size of a mobile phone (or even a smaller 3 inch screen device) now finally include home, office, car, banking, payment, security…. and all ideas of interacting with the many technologies around us.

Patent Protection

The patent protection for WITgrip is so broad that any and all possible means of getting a humble softer feel part against the skin for the purpose of placing a device or part of a device to be viewed over the whole or part of the side of the wrist, is covered.

Capture Video & Pictures

WITgrip allows for the screen to be placed over the side of the wrist, allowing for much better viewing when videoing or taking pictures. A camera can then be placed on the opposite side of the wrist; a natural gimbal is formed avoiding the usual shakes of the wrist, enabling smooth panning. With the camera on the same side as the screen over the side of the wrist, video calling is comfortable and becomes more natural.

Comfort & Wearability

Positioning a part of a device’s screen over the side of the wrist allows for a neutral viewing position of that part of the screen. See the screen without strain of the forearm/ arm/ shoulder/ or neck. View for long periods (i.e. watching whole feature length films on a train journey or flight).

Future Proof

WITgrip is essential for placing any wearable technology on the wrist, if we also want to interact effectively with the technology. Without WITgrip, wearable tech on the wrist is, at best, only glanceable (over the back of the wrist), and flexible screen technology would otherwise slip around and be difficult to interact with. WITgrip allows for truly wearable interactive technology on the wrist that is both comfortable and secure.

Comfortable | Secure | Future-proof
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