First conceived in founder Dr. Partheban's youth, whilst learning to fly as a teen, the idea for WITgrip has been a long time coming. He noticed that navigators wore their watches on the inside of their wrist instead of the top (so they could see the time more easily when holding a clipboard) and couldn’t help but wonder how much more effective the side of the wrist would be… and provide a far more natural viewing position.

As the years passed, he found himself immersed in his work as a doctor.  Still, in the fast-paced world of technological advances, the smartphones came on the market, yet there was no sign of a truly interactive wearable technology and thus the possibilities of freely interacting with the technology surrounding us.  With this in mind, WITgrip (Wearable Interactive Technology grip) was born.  The key to finally have the means to have a truly interactive technology. The benefits being not only comfort, but also the best logical position for a prolonged interaction with a wearable device.

 Today, we hold the full broad patent and are proud to present our Trademark WITgrip, which can be adapted to all current technologies, as well as future flexible screen devices in future.

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