Endless Potential

Way beyond just a conventional wristwatch, the WITgrip can be used as a comfortable and ergonomic way to take photos and videos, use a mobile phone, and even control the heating in your home remotely; amongst its endless list of potential applications.  

Conventional Wristwatch

A particularly stylish and more practical means of wearing a wristwatch. WITgrip’s truly broad patent protection covers even the conventional wristwatch worn over the side of the wrist. A twist on convention, of particular interest for drivers and pilots, for clear viewing of the watch while still in full control. A multitude of possibilities for new watch designs, or simple modest modifications to existing watch designs.

Mobile Phone

Now finally possible, a true wearable mobile phone that you can comfortably interact with. A mobile phone and smart watch as one, much easier to view and interact with thanks to the neutral viewing position provided by WITgrip. Feel secure that you will not leave your phone behind when out and about, because it is worn on you; as your watch/smartwatch could be. WITgrip can be designed to fit any size device (or part of a device) over the side of the wrist, and any device (or part of a device) over the side of the wrist requires WITgrip under it to provide comfort and stability to interact with the device. WITgrip supporting a device provide more opportunity for battery placement, thus making for a more thin and sleek mobile phone that can fit easily under the cuff of your clothes much like a smart watch.

Future Flexible Screens

Major mobile phone manufactures are already developing flexible screen technology for release in the future. WITgrip provides essential comfort and support required to interact with such devices. The patent protection for WITgrip covers all possible means of doing this, allowing for the device (or part of the device) to be worn over the side of the wrist and when you want to touch the screen to interact with the device; it will comfortably stay in place, prevented from sliding around the wrist. You can use your device on your wrist, without having to take it off when you want to use an app/ make a call/ respond to an e-mail/ take a photo, etc…

Remote Control

The neutral viewing position provided by WITgrip, allows for free viewing of your wearable technology. Wearable devices can now be much more than glancable. A full mobile phone and all of its features, whether as a much smaller 3 inch device or as a flexible screen device, can now be worn comfortably on your wrist. We may be attracted to the idea of using our phones as a remote control for the technology around us, at home, out and about, and at work. Now with WITgrip it is possible to have the control on you, freely and comfortably view the control whilst making your choices, and securely interact with your device taking control of your surrounding technology, using all of the features of a full mobile phone.

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