Endless Potential

Way beyond just a conventional wristwatch, the WITgrip® can be used as a comfortable and ergonomic way to take photos and videos, use a mobile phone, and even control the heating in your home remotely; amongst its endless list of potential applications.  


Positioning a part of a device's screen over the side of the wrist allows for a neutral viewing position of that part of the screen. It is therefore possible to see the screen without strain of the forearm / arm / shoulder/ neck. Thus allowing for viewing for as long as we want, even for some hours on a long train journey or flight. It is possible to watch feature length films, or even just catch up on your favourite series. WITgrip allows for the screen to be placed over the side of the wrist, thus allowing for much better viewing when videoing or taking pictures. A camera can then be placed on the opposite side of the wrist, and a natural gimbal is formed, avoiding the usual shakes of the wrist, and thus, providing smooth panning and a much easier position to hold (i.e. when trying to get those shots of the stage over the heads of those in front of you). With the camera on the same side as the screen over the side of the wrist, video calling is comfortable and becomes more natural as we then find ourselves using our phones to their fuller potential and enjoying a richer social interaction.

Medical Advantages

A true lifesaver, if we find ourselves in an emergency, perhaps unfortunately injured and unable to get up. We have our phone now on us anyway and can call for help from loved ones or even the emergency services. We can even keep our detailed medical records readily viewable, and more importantly on us. The WITgrip allows for much easier viewing and use, which becomes increasingly important if our joints are stiff or limited. Our soft feel WITgrip can be worn loosely and still provide all the required securing of the device in position, thus avoiding irritation to the skin and underlying tendons. The neutral viewing position allowed by the use of WITgrip, gives a better and more relaxed position for viewing a blood pressure and pulse meter device; which results in more accurate readings of true biometrics.

The Future on Your Wrist

Not only can WITgrip® be used for modern technology, it has also been developed as an essential partner to the technology soon to come. Including the next stage of smartphone development - flexible screens.

Discover More

Future Vision

WITgrip is essential for placing any wearable technology on the wrist if we also want to interact with the technology. WITgrip allows for truly wearable interactive technology on the wrist. The patent protection for WITgrip is so broad that any and all possible means of effectively getting a humble softer feel part against the skin for the purpose of placing a device or part of a device to be viewed over the whole or part of the side of the wrist, is covered. WITgrip allows for devices even the size of mobile phones to now be truly used on the wrist. The possibilities of genuinely wearable interactive technology of this size (or even smaller 3 inch screen device) now finally include home/ office/ car/ banking/ payment/ security... and all opportunities to interact with the many technologies around us. We have a remote control - which is no longer remote.

Twist on the Traditional

WITgrip's truly broad patent protection covers even the conventional wristwatch worn over the side of the wrist. A twist on the convention; of particular interest for drivers and pilots, for clear viewing of the watch while still in full control.

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