How WITgrip Came to Be

27th Apr 2017

I first had the idea learning to fly as a teenager. Navigators wore their watches on the inside of the wrist to check the time passing while still holding their chart with the same hand. With the time passed and speed of travel, they could calculate the distance flown.

I thought that for many of us placing the watch over the side of the wrist would be better, a far more natural viewing position. Particularly useful for pilots and drivers. Then I thought if ever we were to wear communication devices with screens on them, that they would be best placed with at least a part of the screen over the side of the wrist. The screen could be viewed from a neutral viewing position.

Back then mobile phones weighed about a ½ kg, but I had hoped to at least see wristwatches for the side of the wrist. The years passed, I went to university, and then found myself immersed in my work as a doctor. I managed to meet my lovely wife, and we were soon expecting our son. It was as if the potential responsibilities of parents-to-be suddenly struck us, and I said that we would have to get inventive if we were ever going to be able to afford a home near a school that we wanted, and the school fees. I looked over the many ideas I had had over the years, and realised that this one had still not been done. Also, mobile technology was developing quickly, even though at this point we had not heard the term wearable technology.

We had brilliant ideas for the methods of comfortably securing a smart device on the wrist. Carrying our four month old son in our arms we met with the Realise group, got comprehensive prior art searches, and then went on to file for patent. 

Now with the full broad patent granted, we are proud to present our registered trademark WITgrip (Wearable Interactive Technology grip) which can be adapted to current technologies, and will be required for flexible screen devices in the future.

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